BUNDLE OF LOVE- Valentine Adventure Box For Two

02/14/2021 12:00 AM - 02/28/2021 11:55 PM PT


  • $49.99


Want to impress the history-lover in your life?  Are you looking for a fun, creative, local, and socially-distanced Valentine activity?!  We've got you covered with the "Bundle of Love Valentine Adventure Box."   Bundle of Love is Nevada Preservation's first ever themed adventure box.  Its perfect for a date or quality family time.

What's In the Bundle Box:

The bundle includes a mix of indoor and outdoor activities and can be enjoyed at your leisure, any date, any time. Participants will enjoy romantic activities and discussions while exploring Las Vegas’ romance, architectural heritage, and the city’s path towards becoming the “Wedding Capital of the World!”

** When you purchase tickets please only put in your name and not your partners to keep from being billed twice. This means in our system you need to put 1 participant even though the Love Acitivity box can be used with 2 people.  Sorry about the confusion.  


**Any Bundles purchased after 2/10/21 at midnight will be delivered after Valentine's Day. 



  • Retro Las Vegas Puzzler
  • Secret Gift
  • Sweet Treats
  • “Looking for Love” Las Vegas Tour Booklet (Tour Booklet includes only Las Vegas locations)

Bundle Boxes will be lovingly delivered by NPF Staff and Volunteers on or before "event day" Friday, February 14.  Once delivered, the activity is self-directed.  Bundle Box activities can be completed at any time.  Please see delivery details within the FAQ below.

What if I’m single? Can I still enjoy the Bundle of Love Date Box?

Of course! Bundle of Love activities can be enjoyed individually or in the company of family or friends.  


I live outside of Las Vegas. Can I still enjoy the Bundle of Love Date Box?

While the Retro Puzzler can be enjoyed from anywhere, the “Looking for Love” tour booklet is best enjoyed in Las Vegas.


Are the contents of the Bundle of Love Date Box available individually?

The box is a literal “package deal.” It cannot be divided at this time.


Are Bundle of Love Date Box activities safe for COVID-19?

Bundle of Love Date Box is a great way to celebrate love during COVID-19. The “Looking for Love” Tour Booklet is entirely outdoors. Please wear your facemask while in public. Participants are encouraged to “share the love” with photos of their date box adventures on social media.


How and when will I receive my Bundle of Love Date Box?

Bundle of Love Date Boxes will be hand-delivered to local Las Vegas participants (see zip codes below) by Friday, February 14.  Lucky Las Vegas locals may even get a surprise visit from our very own NPF Cupid!  Please make sure to provide an accurate cell phone number so our delivery team can verify delivery address.

AVAILABLE ZIP CODES: 89101, 89102, 89103, 89104, 89106, 89108, 89109, 89110, 89169, 89121, 89032, and 89030

For purchases outside these zip codes, Bundle Boxes will be mailed.  

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